Recent Events

Minerva Chorus sang at an afternoon concert in Chesterfield on 14th May 2022

This was our first public performance of the year - lovely venue at Elder Yard, and a very receptive audience.

Our 3 new members did us proud.



Minerva Chorus sang together for the first time this year at St John's Walton at a memorial for our dear friend and much-missed chorus member Lynne Hill.

We sang a specially arranged piece "Skye Boat Song" for our Scottish friend - and songs chosen by her family "May it Be" and "Hallelujah".  Tears of sadness and happiness were shed.  We were honoured to celebrate Lynne's life with music and harmony.

 Minerva Chorus singing in our Winter concert 2021

Minerva Chorus met at our rehearsal venue on 19th July 2021 (freedom day) for the first time since March 2020.