How to join us

Women interested in joining our chorus should in the first instance contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We aim to achieve a specific blend of voices with the correct balance of voice ranges.  Our chorus is made up of women who can sing in one or more of the following ranges: Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1 and Alto 2.

If you interested in possibly joining Minerva, the first step is to email us; we will then invite you to visit us at a rehearsal.

If you then wish to make an application, we'll ask you to complete a short form. We'll arrange a date with you for your vocal assessment - this is not an audition, but an opportunity fo our musical directors to assess whether your voice will blend with the chorus and, if so, in which part(s). You'll also have an informal chat with the Chair and another Committee member - an opportunity for you to as questions, and for us to explain our ethos and the level of commitment we look for.

A recommendation as to whether or not to offer a place will be made to the Committee, and we'll let you know the outcome as soon as possible after your assessment.

Our chorus size is limited, and occasionally prospective members may have to be placed on a waiting list, as we may already have sufficient numbers in a particular vocal range.  

We are happy to receive applications from anyone regardless of their experience, or ability to read music.  Every prospective member will be assessed in a fair and transparent process.

Excellent resources are provided to help members learn our repertoire, but a level of commitment and ability is required to be able to perform a wide range of unaccompanied vocal pieces, from memory.

If you are up for a challenge and would like to sing with a like minded friendly group of women we would love to hear from you!





Privacy Notice

 Privacy notice

  • This Privacy Policy relates to the use of any personal information collected from members of Minerva Chorus or people who have contacted us about Minerva Chorus.
  • We only collect only basic information such as your name, telephone number, address, email address if you have agreed to share this with us.
  • The information will be used to keep you informed about Chorus matters and our events. Your information will not be shared with any third parties without your consent.
  • All reasonable security measures have been put in place to protect against any unauthorised access to, or disclosure or loss of your information. 
  • No paper copies will be kept of your information. 
  • Please let us know if your information changes as it is important that the information we hold is up to date. 
  • If you decide you no longer wish us to keep your information please let us know so that your data may be removed from the system. 
  • If any significant changes are made to the use of your personal information we will first seek your permission.

About us

Minerva Chorus was founded in the autumn of 2015 by a group of six women who had sung together previously in a large community choir and wanted to further develop their vocal technique and ability.  Within a few months the chorus had grown to a membership of fourteen, and with the support of two excellent and very experienced musical directors had begun to establish the Minerva ‘sound’ and repertoire.  By the start of 2017 we had grown in size, with nineteen women coming together from Chesterfield, Sheffield and the Derbyshire Dales to rehearse every Monday evening.

We are committed to remaining a small group with fixed membership, so that the Chorus can continually develop and improve its vocal and performance skills.  Applications for membership are always welcome, and further information about the process of applying can be found here.  Because we limit our numbers we may have a waiting list for specific voice parts at various times.

Nigel Williams - Director of Music

Born in Cornwall, Nigel moved to Derbyshire to marry his teenage sweetheart Margaret (now a Chorus member). In his youth Nigel was immersed in the lyrical phrasing and haunting harmonies of Chapel hymns. His early vocal and choral experiences were shaped through many a performance with various Male Voice Choirs as is the Cornish tradition. Nigel and Margaret were blessed with three sons who joined with Nigel to form the internationally known barbershop quartet - HomeSpun (BABS 2016 Champion Quartet).  Nigel has sung with, directed, coached and arranged music for numerous Choruses and smaller vocal ensembles.  

With such pedigree, it might be easy for any amateur singing group to feel a little overwhelmed by Nigel’s talents and experiences but Minerva’s much-loved DM is always encouraging and inspiring. Singing and learning under his musical direction is hard work but incredibly rewarding.

Janeen Parker - Chorus Director

Janeen started her music interest and studies early in life as a solo, duet and trio pianist at festivals. Her love of the piano has engendered an immense attention to musical detail but she also loves playing by ear which is where her passion for extra expression comes from. Singing in school and university choirs was always a quiet passion for Janeen but it wasn’t until she had the chance to ‘un-study’ with Nigel in a local Chesterfield women’s chorus that she found her love and talent for conducting and directing.    As a very intuitive A Cappella Director, Janeen always brings a joyful humour to the group who really take note of what she wants for and from us. Janeen will take Minerva forward with great music and singing choices and a fundamental belief in us as singers; willing to make the journey together.

Meet some of our chorus members

Mags - Soprano 1

My mother taught me and my sisters to sing in close harmony as children. Until I joined a community choir a few years ago, I had not sung with a choir since I was at school. I have rediscovered my love of singing and really enjoy singing A Cappella with Minerva. Learning the words and music can be challenging, but we all support each other and our musical directors know how to bring out the best in us. I am getting more and more comfortable with performing out. Singing with my "Minnie sisters" takes me right back to the feeling I got from singing as I child: I feel like I'm home.

Vanessa - Soprano 1/Soprano 2

I am a director of a fire alarm company.  I fell into singing several years ago quite by accident. I’ve always been musical however joining a chorus had never previously been on my radar.  I’m immensely proud to be part of Minerva and all she represents.  It’s challenging yet incredibly uplifting.  Performances are always a highlight and to have the privilege to stand in front of an audience shoulder to shoulder with such a special group of friends…because that’s what we’ve become… is something I will always cherish.

Viv - Alto 1

I discovered A Cappella singing in my 50s having never sung before. I love that Minerva is a small, friendly chorus and it does not matter that I don't read music. I look after my granddaughter two or three days a week and look forward to the time she is old enough to come to a concert and proudly say " that's my Nana!"

Anne - Soprano 2/Alto 1

I work as a charity administrator.  I used to sing in choirs when at school but didn't take up singing again until 4 years ago when I joined a community choir.  When I joined Minerva I had some experience of singing A Cappella harmony and was looking for a new challenge.  I really enjoy the varied repertoire of Minerva, and have had the opportunity to arrange a piece of music for the chorus.  I always look forward to Monday night rehearsals and come away feeling uplifted even after a stressful day at work.  I love being able to perform our music in front of an audience and the great feedback we get.

Ann – Soprano 1

I was fortunate and very excited to join Minerva right at the beginning of the project. I've always enjoyed singing since school choir days. I especially love the challenge of sharing A Cappella arrangements, and rehearsing together with friends on Monday evening is a highlight of the week for me.  As music librarian, I'm pleased to be helping the group to source songs for the repertoire which demonstrate the carefully blended harmony which our MD, Nigel and Chorus Director, Janeen work hard to achieve with us.

Our committee

The administration and management of the Chorus is carried out by a committee, elected annually from Chorus membership.  The Committee includes the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, PR Officer and Chorus Representative(s).  We also have a Performance Co-ordinator who manages all requests for performances.  All Committee decisions are made in accordance with the Chorus constitution, a copy of which can be requested from the Secretary by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Welcome to the Minerva Website

We are a small, friendly group of women who love close harmony unaccompanied singing.  We rehearse in Walton, Chesterfield, on Monday evenings and sing a mix of songs from a variety of eras and genres.  We are committed to working together to improve our vocal techniques and produce a quality sound. 

We aim to perform several times a year in the North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire area, including at least one performance to support a charity or community group of our choice.  Please see our Events Page for more information on our recent and planned performances, and if you are interested in inviting us to sing at your event please contact us

We are open to applications from women who wish to join our chorus - from all voice parts, Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1 and Alto 2.  There is no requirement to read music as we provide tracks to help learn the songs.   Please see our How to Join Us us page for more information.

Under the inspiring direction of our Director of Music, Nigel Williams,  and Chorus Director, Janeen Parker, we take on some challenging repertoire and set ourselves the highest standards of performance.  Please see our About Us page for more information.

We are also on Twitter (@MinervaChorus) and Facebook, and you can contact us from the website.




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