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How to join us

We're a small chorus of women who felt the need to go a step beyond our previous experience of choral singing, so as to develop our vocal abilities and repertoire.  We've been together since October 2015, and our priority has been building our blend, our repertoire and our vocal technique, with performance planning a key ingredient in our development.

We have excellent musical leadership and coaching from our Musical Director - and whilst we look for real commitment from our members and work hard on our music, we are a very warm, welcoming and open group of women.

There is a process we ask people to follow if they are interested in joining. First we invite you to come and sit in on a rehearsal (by arrangement), to get a feel for who we are and what we sing.

Then, if you are still interested, we ask you to complete a simple application form; have a chat with Anne, our Chair and another member of the committee; and have a vocal assessment.

That may sound a bit daunting but we try to make it as comfortable as possible - we are committed to making sure that every applicant knows about how Minerva works and is comfortable with that before they join. 

The vocal assessment is exactly that - not an audition. As we have limited places it is very important that our musical directors feel comfortable that a new voice will blend with our existing sound.

If you are interested in attending a rehearsal and possibly making an application, please contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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